In this week’s special episode Pretty much every MSP has one, and pretty much every single one just isn’t good enough… the website. If you can make these simple changes to YOUR website, those improvements really could help attract new clients Another week, another special episode to kick start the year – join Paul to discover what you can do at the start of 2021 to fix potentially your best marketing tool Paul takes you through the 10 fundamental things to improve on your website, which could put you head and shoulders above your competitorsShow notes Out every Tuesday on your favourite podcast platform Presented by Paul Green, an MSP marketing expert In this special podcast Paul mentioned the book Influence by Dr Robert Cialdini (there’s a spoken version on Audible) Paul mentioned the outsourcing services,, & Find out more about Paul Green’s MSP Marketing Edge which includes a book you can claim as your own and give away to help with data capture Paul mentioned automated appointment booking services Calendly, Microsoft Bookings, AppointmentCore and ScheduleOnce Please send any questions, ideally in audio-form (or any other feedback) to hello@paulgreensmspmarketing.comEpisode transcriptionVoiceover:Fresh every Tuesday, for MSPs around the world. This is an MSP Marketing Podcast special.Paul Green:It’s the second of three marketing specials to get your MSP off to the best possible start for 2021. And this week, we’re going to be focusing on the single most important marketing asset that you have at your disposal, it’s your website. Today, we’re going to talk about how you can fix it.Voiceover:This is an MSP Marketing Podcast special.Paul Green:I know that you’re not happy with your website. I know that you’re genuinely frustrated with it, and you don’t understand why it doesn’t generate enough leads and what exactly to do to fix it. And the reason I know this is I have looked at hundreds and hundreds, if not getting on for 1,000 MSP websites. Anytime I start working with any MSP anywhere, I just have a quick look onto their sites. It gives me a very quick snapshot of where their marketing superpowers are.Paul Green:And obviously the vast majority of MSPs don’t have great marketing abilities, but it helps me understand what I’m working with. In fact, sometimes I come across a website that’s just beautiful. And it makes me realise, “Wow, this MSP has upped their game. Let me see if I can push them further, and further, and further, and further.” But the vast majority of websites just aren’t great.Paul Green:What we’re going to look at in this podcast special is how ordinary decision makers think and act. We’ll look at why your website leaves them cold, and why you owe it to your children, your bank manager, and actually your future retired self to make your website as good as you can possibly make it. And to help you do that, I’m going to give you the 10 most important website elements to focus on.Paul Green:Now, you think about the ordinary decision maker that you want to reach, the ordinary business owner or manager. How does that person think? What do they want from you? And how do they make buying decisions? Well, they think less than we think they do, because when they’re picking a new MSP, they’re not doing it with their brain, they’re doing it with their emotions. I think this is called your limbic system. It’s that gut feel.Paul Green:Because the average business owner or manager, the average decision maker doesn’t know what they don’t know about technology and IT, therefore it is virtually impossible for them to judge whether or not your business is any good compared to your competitors. When they can’t make that judgment, the decision just defaults down to that limbic system, to the emotions, to the gut feel. Their gut is picking a new MSP.Paul Green:Let me put this another way. They choose you if they like you. So yeah, they ask you all those