The American Association of Franchisors and Distributors (AAFD) looks at franchising best practices for 2022. In this interview with Robert Purvin, author of “The Franchise Fraud,” Purvin discusses what makes a franchise system successful, and offers advice to prospective franchisees.

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00:00 Introduction
00:55 Q&A – How did you enter the franchise space?
02:21 Q&A – What made you switch from being on the franchisor side to representing franchisees?
03:24 International Franchise Association
04:35 Q&A – What were the key findings in your book “The Franchise Fraud”?
10:35 Robert Purvin’s Book Premise
11:05 Q&A – What was the impact of the publication of “The Franchise Fraud”?
18:16 Q&A – Do you see there being less founder-led organizations and more ones that are publicly traded in the future?
26:39 Q&A – Do you see the franchisees having nice profitability in the bottom line for the Homecare industry?
29:32 Rights to Sell a Franchise
31:23 Q&A – How did you come up with the idea of having chapters per franchise?
35:16 Q&A – What are a couple of simple steps that franchisors can incorporate to have a better culture across their franchise system?
47:41 Q&A – Any tips for franchisees that are interested in forming an independent organization?
49:05 Q&A – Is there usually one franchisee that takes the lead and then brings other franchisees?
49:57 Conclusion

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