Do you have a passion for great flavors? authentic Greek flavors and desire to develop your own business? Get your own franchise the greeks!
Since 2011, the greeks bring traditional, authentic Greek tours and not only to the hungry visitors of the restaurant. Our quick daily idea, commitment to authentic taste and focus on customer service pushed us to expand! Are you ready to become part of the greeks history? Now is the time!

100% Greek food. 100% proven system.
Founded by George Roula Giannis and Nina Papanikolaou in 2011, greeks is the simple answer to a disturbed need for truly authentic Greek food in the fast-paced niche.

Authentic fast food. Healthy diet !
Our leadership team has developed a proven model that is easily transferred to our licensees. We train you. We guide you. We make it easy for you to have your own restaurant using fresh ingredients! As and when it happens
franchise partner you work together with a team of experts who have to implement the necessary foundations to develop your franchise! Greeks are a special place in the fast and specialized position and here is why:

Convenience is the key to today’s culture – Greeks is a fast paced casual, customer – focused restaurant that satisfies America ‘s desire for fast food for a delicious bite!
• Enter the ground floor of our expansion and work closely with the founders of the Greeks!
• Fast potential return on investment, easy learning curve, affordable initial investment.
• Our brand reputation is sizzlin ‘(hot) – we have consistently positive reviews!
• Easy installation and minimal staff!

Do you match the greeks?
We are looking for franchisees to work with us who have the following qualities:
1 • Organized Multi-Tasker
2 • Problem solving skills
3 • Grasps The Greek Company Culture (to understand the Greek company culture)
4 • Great program management skills
5 • Focus on customer service
6 • Guide, outgoing and friendly
7. Flawless costume service
8 • To naturally meet the financial requirements

Obligation of the Greeks!
Functional Support:
As a Greek franchise partner, you will have support everywhere. Act on your own with our team by your side.
Marketing support:
We have called in marketing and our brand. Take advantage of our guarantees!

Exclusive territory:
Each franchisee acquires an exclusive area of ​​50,000 people.
In-depth training:
We will provide you with training, manuals, on-site training, lessons and even cooking lessons to show you how to succeed.

Join our Franchise family!
We want to hear from driving people who are ready to get their own greeks! Visit for more information.
Authentic. Quickly. Healthy. Own Your Own (conquer yours) Greek Franchise Today!

Fast casual restaurants have grown in popularity, but we noticed that something was missing – delicious Greek food that was truly authentic! We chose to meet this need and the greeks officially started in 2011.

Using our proprietary methods, proven business model and customer service techniques, greeks expand the franchise network! Join the greeks franchise family today.

Owning a restaurant has become easier
Everyone wants to have a restaurant, but not everyone can make it a market player. We did just that. Greeks are your opportunity to join the always popular specialized restaurant and grow! We have many ways of support and training waiting for you. Operation manual, unique recipes, there are two huge books that franchisees need to study for all of them, great branding, even cooking lessons – everything is here in the strategically developed franchise system.

100% Greek cuisine 100% proven!
100% Mediterranean diet
100% healthy diet
The Greek franchise opportunity is distinguished in the market by our delicious traditional Greek food, all fresh to order with the highest quality ingredients! From round to salads it’s ok here.
As a franchise partner, you are stepping on a ground floor extension of a brand that has already proven that our model, menu and methods are the keys to success. Get a glimpse of our leadership team and work closely with our founders as you build your business and see how amazing the greeks in your area will be.

Join the greeks
When you start your franchise with greeks, you win a team of experts who are behind you at every step and who has proven the model since 2011! As a franchisee, you earn …
Strong reputation and marketing guidance
Ongoing Business Support
Dual Phase Training Program + Renewal Training
Exclusive territory
More than just wonderful Greek food

Becoming a franchise partner is not just about using our recipes – we give you the keys to our business success:
Get proven marketing tactics
Easily reproducible procedures
Continuous Support and Training
Potential fast profits

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