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If a company is set up properly people really can just come into work, do their job and go home without layers of authority on top of them micromanaging their every move, getting in the way of actual business operations, and taking home the biggest salaries in the office.

Bad management can ruin even the best ideas, and end up costing their companies lots of money in the process, about three trillion dollars a year according to recent studies, which is why some companies are starting to rethink if the hierarchical business structure is a thing of the past.

In a typical business management is responsible for choosing the direction of the company, training their subordinates and providing them with the tools they need to move the company in that direction, rewarding employees that excel in their work and punishing employees that don’t meet their standards.

These five tasks encompass everything that a manager is responsible for, and they ARE all very important roles in running a successful business so it’s not like the role of a manager is redundant by default, BUT some companies are starting to realize that these five tasks can be without a manager at all, often with better results.
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