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00:00 – Intro to How to Scale Your Book Business
03:10 – Tip #1: Building leverage through delegation
11:31 – Q and A portion
12:57 – What is the good thing with Accelerlist?
16:13 – Do your listers also price?
19:05 – Anything specific you’ve learned about managing out-of-state employees vs. having them close by?
20:59 – Where would you recommend to source books during this stay-home order?
22:35 – Why do we need to take advantage of the cashback on all spending?
24:54 – How would a £7/hour lister master quirks like pricing take into consideration different editions of the book?
26:46 – How do you acquire books?
27:55 – Is Accelerlist advice in the BBB course?
29:53 – How do you handle Sales Tax? Do you pay a service for that?
31:37 – Is it better to get somebody who is looking for a job towards the tail end of their career rather than young people that are, quite rightly keen to move up the career ladder?
34:55 – How do you know your employee not gonna want to leave when they see the profit being made?
37:44 – Is book business saturated?
45:41 – Would you sourcebooks from publishers and invest thousands and send FBA?
47:24 – What if you can’t afford the software or a VA? what’s the best way to sell books until you go up?
45:48 – Would you sourcebooks from publishers and invest a couple of thousands and send FBA?
46:41 – Have you considered a mentoring program like Ralli Roots?
49:12 – Is self-fulfillment a good way to deal with aged inventory in FBA?
50:45 – Have you ever thought about getting your real estate license?
52:00 – How many 100$ books have you given away or not get?
55:58 – Does BBB have a good A-Z on outsourcing from finding, vetting, hiring compensating, etc., potential employees?
57:04 – Is a book ever too old to sell?
1:08:09 – When it comes to a warehouse is it better to buy or rent?
1:13:19 – How much do you pay for sourcing?
1:21:00 – How many people can log in to Scout IQ at one time with the same account?
1:27:21 – How many do you pay college students books when you buy books back from them?