WSI Franchise Review.

At this stage in my life, when I left my last job, I have always had an intention to own my own business at the close of my career and having been a corporate guy all of my career, I felt a need to have some structure within my own business so it seemed franchising was a good idea. I met with the WSI folks and it appeared that they would be able to provide the support and structure, sourcing, those kinds of things that I would need as a new sole business person which I never experienced before. So I was looking for structure and I was looking for guidance and I was looking for strategy.
the thirst to own my own business was largely driven by the fact that I wanted more autonomy;
I wanted more control over what I did in my business and how I did my business. I like the corporate world, it worked well. I like the structure, I liked working with people. I liked getting new positions and starting my own business, I lost a lot of that. But I’ve also picked up the ability to set my schedule.

Well, a lot of the partnerships, an individual it will be very difficult for you to get. Like Google offers some opportunities to be a partner direct for a person like me but the rest of them are difficult and of course WSI has the power to do so, to negotiate so perhaps we get a little bit more better deal for our clients. But I think the biggest impact is that I can take those logos of our partner companies, I can add those to my proposals, I can add those to my presentations. I can certainly do some name dropping when I meet with prospects and clients. And the fact that I’m with a larger corporation that has over a thousand consultants all over the world and I can talk about the partnerships that we have, it gives me a great deal of credibility that the individual working in my market doesn’t have. So it gives me a competitive advantage.
I think the thing that probably motivated me to make the decision to purchase my WSI franchise was number one, I was already very much oriented towards this industry, this business being a sales and marketing person and being a person who wanted to help others with something that can be quite complicated and so the thing that pushed me over the edge in terms of making this decision was the support and the community and the fact that I can become something bigger than me, that could offer me opportunities that I probably couldn’t take advantage of on my own.
I think some of the advantages of joining WSI particularly in the beginning, I knew something about part of the digital market processes but I didn’t know all of them. So I was able to attend webinars regularly, they taught me the basics, search engine optimization and website development and those kinds of things but the biggest thing is we had a very active group in Florida where we had a weekly telephone call where we communicated and we supported one another coming to the convention and meeting other people who are doing the same thing that I am doing and facing the same kind of challenges and worrying about how they are succeeding, the tactics that they use, the philosophies that they employed.
I think the biggest thing about WSI is that surely there are opportunities to find clients and partners that are there already to serve us and help us but that’s just part of what is really an incredible community that really lends support if you want to become involved but you have to take the step to get out there and become involved. What I learned from my colleagues who are doing the same thing that I’m doing through the WSI network is been a big benefit to my business.
I’ve been to all the global conventions. It’s my maybe favorite thing of the year. I’m always surprised; I’m always learning new things. There are always new concepts to introduce to the global convention. I always meet new people who I communicate with throughout the year. I’ve established some great friendships at all conventions. I think the big thing about it is that we work individually and sometimes, this job can be a little bit isolating if you are not communicating with other people who are part of the organization.
So one thing about the global convention is that it gets us out of our offices, it gets us out of our normal environments and it gets us into kind of a really open kind of freewheeling, thinking moment. So you can kind of think and dream about new strategies and new goals we can set for ourselves and certainly new services and products we can offer our clients. So it’s a great place to come together for learning and fun.

The WSI Franchise Review was recorded at the WSI Global Convention in United States, an annual event where Franchisees from around the world come together to share ideas, complaints and opportunities, while also learning from Digital Marketing thought leaders like Facebook, Google and HubSpot