How to protect yourself against franchise companies that trick and deceive and make a better franchise buying decision. Download “The Dark Side of Franchising” free on the 15th of every month, or buy for $2.99. Please leave a review it helps us get the message out, and share your copy free with any friend or family member thinking of buying a franchise.

The Dark Side of Franchising on Amazon:

The book that exposes the ongoing fraud and how people get tricked into buying bad franchises. We look at the ongoing corruption in the franchising industry, and how the deception is embraced by major media outlets, industry toplists, veteran franchise groups, and franchise companies.

The Dark Side of Franchising covers exactly how thousands of inexperienced buyers are misled and manipulated by unethical sellers every year. Many of them lose their life savings.

The book follows Susan, a fictional franchise buyer from the start of her franchise search, to signing the contract, to losing everything. It also covers how at every step franchise industry players work in tandem to convince and deceive.

Only after it is too late and her franchises goes bankrupt does Susan realize she is yet another casualty in the franchise con. Not only that, she is still legally obligated for royalties over the next 2 years and owes the landlord 5 years of lease payments. Susan is another franchising statistic, one of thousands of people who relied on industry toplists, books, media hype and franchisor clout to make a decision, and lost everything.

The book also covers how to understand the franchise disclosure document and things to watch for, top 7 mistakes made by franchise buyers, How much franchises actually make, how buyers can benefit by becoming a franchisor themselves through master franchising,

There are some great franchises out there. Most of us at Franchise City are franchise owners, but there is also an increasing number of unethical operators that are taking advantage of inexperienced buyers.

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