[0:00] Intro
[5:38] Context is King
[7:04] Incorrect Information in Local Search
[8:22] How Google Prioritizes Location Signals
[10:20] Common Issues In Local Search
[12:45] The Opportunities That Come From Targeting Specific Locations
[14:08] What Should Be On Your Individual Pages
[15:20] How To Get C-Suite to Take Action
[18:21] How Should Brands Leverage Their Retailers To Maximize Visibility
[20:42] What Data Can Brands Use From Their Retailers
[22:45] How To Find The Best Solution
[26:07] Challenges In Local Search
[28:18] Are Enterprise Brands Seeing Local As A Problem?
[31:35] How Can Enterprise Brands Improve Their Local Search Presence
[37:00] Rapid Fire Rankings