There is nothing like a grimy R-rated sci-fi series with an engaging plot, and the Riddick films have all the captivating mythology that you find in the likes of the Star Wars films! When the first installment of The Chronicles of Riddick franchise was released in 2000, little did we know that it was set to become a classic series! Pitch Black portrayed a tough-as-nails antihero that we all loved, and Vin Diesel’s rough and raw mannerisms added a certain charisma to the character. We have seen him fighting dangerous creatures, and in the movie, The Chronicles of Riddick, he took on the mighty race of the Necromongers! So, who is this mysterious Riddick? He is an intergalactic Furyan outlaw, who is seen in captivity in the first movie before he escapes. The character goes through a lot of changes, and his adventures provide fodder for the entertaining movies in the franchise.

Over the years, this has been an underrated series, despite the dark and unforgiving nature of the narrative. In this video, we will dissect the franchise and bring you bits and pieces of the puzzle that you have been missing. From Riddick to the deadly Bio-Raptors, from the Necromongers to the Mud Demons, we will explain all for your convenience. In a world where the big-budget sci-fi action franchises are becoming increasingly bland, maybe it is a good idea to look up this good old gem one more time!

0:00 Intro
1:57 What was Pitch Black all about?
15:26 The Arrival of the Brutal and Powerful Necromongers
24:23 Riddick loses everything and is left for dead!
29:25 Mysteries around Riddick’s Species and the Furyans – Explained
31:33 The Insanely Awesome Riddick Animated Short – The Chronicles of Riddick: Dark Fury
33:50 Future of the Franchise