A video version of this week’s podcasts, focused on news for those delivering IT Services.. This week’s stories:

00:00 Continued changes in employee sentiment in the Great Resignation
03:23 Microsoft raises Microsoft 365 and Office 365 pricing
04:50 How many more video calls are we on?
06:32 Are insurance companies nearing their limits, with ransomware up and hiring harder?
10:02 Boards are increasingly compensating CEOs on environmental, social and governance metrics.
12:11 The challenging landscape of employee sentiment on returning to work
16:03 Cisco Elevate is coming September 14 & 15
16:34 Continued tech fallout from Afghan, with lessons for data management
18:34 What were the outcomes from the meeting at the White House?
21:46 California’s Prop 22 ruled unconstitutional
22:36 The UK and US States creating their own tech laws
24:08 The overwhelming demand for broadband investment
26:59 Provider revenue, collaboration, and device data paint the market picture
29:04 How the hiring process is looking around diversity

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