Why do some CEOs and high-level business leaders succeed while others fail? For one thing, many new CEOs feel unprepared for the role and struggle to find their footing, says Harvard Business School Senior Lecturer David Fubini, author of the book Hidden Truths: What Leaders Need to Hear But Are Rarely Told.

In this Books@Baker Studio Session, Fubini, former managing director at consulting firm McKinsey, shares leadership advice for navigating the position, gathered from asking numerous former and current CEOs what they wish they knew when they took the job.

Fubini’s ultimate goal is to help current and prospective CEOs become better leaders, and he shares insights such as: How to manage other people’s demands. How to avoid feeling isolated. How to encourage staff at all levels to share the truth of what is going on in the organization. And how to embrace the value and strength of a diverse workforce